Announcing a New, Satirical & Syndicated Cartoon CharacterDr. Brutal, "The hypocritical oath taker"

I'm a white, male psychiatrist, stuck in the 1970's. I think every emotion is a mental health problem, caused by a brain chemical imbalance. This is only our second appointment. Using little information, I'm diagnosing you as 'crazy.' Here's a prescription for several brain-disabling drugs. You're now locked into a life-time diagnosis, needing life-time treatment. Meanwhile, I'll get life-time payments: either from you or from your health insurance."

I'll never get questioned by anyone. And, if the scam is found out, I've got peers and attorneys to cover it up."

"The on you."

A Day at the Office for Dr. Brutal, Psychiatrist
| D | Dr Brutal is the trademark of an anonymous Berkeley-based, antipsychiatry group.

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