One of the Mental Hygiene series of Scott Chambers cartoons from the July 2001 Mouth.
Note: The above cartoon is part of a series on mental hygiene crafted by the renowned cartoonist Scott Chambers for the July 2001 Mouth magazine. They are copyrighted and may not be used without first purchasing the right to do so from Scott. E-mail me if you are serious about wanting to use them and I will furnish you with contact information for Scott.

Flash!Mental Unit Inmate Fights for Freedom (Sept. 16 Chicago Tribune).
The Russell Tribunal on Human Rights in Psychiatry
convened in Berlin June 30/July 1, 2001.

Announcing a New, Satirical & Syndicated Cartoon Character

I'm a white, male psychiatrist, stuck in the 1970's. I think every emotion is a mental health problem, caused by a brain chemical imbalance. This is only our second appointment. Using little information, I'm diagnosing you as 'crazy.' Here's a prescription for several brain-disabling drugs. You're now locked into a life-time diagnosis, needing life-time treatment. Meanwhile, I'll get life-time payments: either from you or from your health insurance."

I'll never get questioned by anyone. And, if the scam is found out, I've got peers and attorneys to cover it up."

"The on you."

Dr Brutal is the trademark of an anonymous Berkeley-based, antipsychiatry group.

Dr. Brutal, "The hypocritical oath taker"
A Day at the Office
for Dr. Brutal, Psychiatrist

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Help put an end to forced electroshock in New York.
It's happening right now.


Report from Highlander:
Psychiatric Survivors Speak for

"Psychiatry is a powerful and violent tool of social control in a deeply unjust and dysfunctional society."
This letter to Ralph Nader
(who just don't get it) by radio commentator Rich Winkel states our case very well.

Domenici, Kennedy Introduce
Psycho Scarecrow Bill

Illustration of a blinded Samsom breaking a temple column.Having at last caught up on their history, shrinks now have expertly determined that our temple-wrecking hero Samson was afflicted with "Antisocial Personality Disorder." If violently disliking Philistines (the modern day Palestinians) was sick deviance, shrinks may as well extend their diagnosis to the entire Jewish Nation.

More than anyone else, Rae Unzicker brought the idea of ending institutionalized psychiatric abuse to the forefront of national policy. As a member of the National Council on Disability and the only psychiatric survivor ever appointed to such a position, she was instrumental in the production of the landmark NCD report From Privileges to Rights: Psychiatric Survivors Speak for Themselves. From a 1995 interview by Mouth Magazine, here is some straight talk from a staunch fighter who none-the-less lost the fight to cancer. Rae died March 22, 2001. She was 52.

Are personal and emotional problems diseases?


One Tough Banana.Pelee Shrinkbiter says: "Anarchy is preferable to the Organized Quackery that is the Therapeutic State." He recommends a slippery skin offense (taking full advantage of every slip-up) when dealing with overbearing and overburdening pseudo-medical authority figures.

State medical boards have the power to revoke psychiatrist's license to practice. Do not hesitate to make complaints about incompetent, unethical, or abusive psychiatrists. This page gives a listing of all licensing boards for the 50 US states.


How Psychiatry Destroyed My Life,
by C. Rodney Yoder

Patch Adams condemns forced psychiatry.

2nd PAGE

The establishment would designate all human experience not first passed through the filter of elite analysis [read censorship] to be "anecdotal" and of no consequence. Information is but another consumer commodity to be manipulated, to the end: more accumulation of wealth and power into the hands of the autocratic few. Truth takes a poor last place. A political situation more dangerous to personal liberty, health and happiness [not to mention the safety of the entire globe and all life on it] would be difficult to imagine. Even Greens think human rights abuses are OK if the means used for perpetrating them have a medical cant to them. Do not let yourself automatically deny the evidence [presented on these pages] of gross human rights abuse common to, and indeed a very important part of, the arsenal of control employed throughout the "mental health" system.

Picture of man sitting reading. Link to the Antipsychiatry Reading Room

The Anti-psychiatry Reading Room is the labyrinth I created previous to my desire to start over and try to make it all simpler and more accessible. Every scrap of information I could gather that the shrinks wouldn't want you to know, I have tried to include or link from that site. I have now been forced to move the entire site by my ISP who dumped who knows how many individual websites, [and their e-mail accounts!!] because it wants to only serve commercial interests henceforth. Now the Reading Room will have lost the many reciprocal links built up with other websites over the years... Aaarrrgg..

Thomas J. Moore's
Briefing on Drugs for Depression.

blue rubber mouthpiece - vertically appearing like a figure says: Hello, my name is Tasty Mouth Plug. I will be there to keep you from shattering your teeth when you receive your first elective or coerced "kinder, gentler ECT." Just remember: if in the middle of your assigned 'course' you decide you don't want them anymore, it will make no difference; you will get them anyway.

Read about Amazon.Com's promotion of ECT or what is more accurately termed electroshocking the brain, in the form of Electro-Inquisitor Max Fink's new book on how best to scramble brains. The Atlantic Monthly recently joined in the cheerleading effort for cooking the brains of the troubled or troublesome.

CBS has just joined in cheerleading and promoting the "new and improved" Electro-lobotomy. Read the story, if you can stand to, and respond on the related forum [shut down].

photo of mannikin in straightjacket

The above is no wax museum exhibit. It's part of the eye-opening Glore Psychiatric Museum in St Joseph, Missouri. See the various implements of torture, some still in use today.

MadNation logo and link to site. If you are a psychiatric survivor or aware "consumer," or if you clicked to this site from the link that said StopShrinks was "no substitute for MadNation," you might have been wondering what did become of MadNation? Well I'm in the best position of anyone to tell you: In early 2000 MadNation became a part of Free Hand Press, the non-profit corporation that also includes Freedom Clearinghouse and Mouth Magazine. I'm no substitute for a webmaster for all the FHP-associated websites, but will have to serve. My domain now includes what is left of MadNation, whose creator has retired into relative obscurity. While MadNation has ended as an active force in the psychiatric disablity human rights arena, you will find its valuable content archived here.

Stopping over-medication should be the mental health movement's first task.


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