Association for Mental Health Alternatives: AMHA


Guided by the principles of choice,empowerment, self-determination,  and unity of purpose, the Association for Mental Health Alternatives (AMHA) is a human rights organization that advocates for self-help and alternatives to established mental health systems.  We struggle to replace the present system with ones that are user-driven and voluntary.  We strive to end discrimination and abuse in the lives of persons who use, have used, or have been used by the mental health systems.  We seek full rights in housing and community, opportunities for education and employment, and an enjoyable quality of life.


Self-Help and Alternatives

We support he full and sustained funding in every community of alternatives and additions to established mental health systems that are determined and governed by the people that use them.

Mental Health System

Recovery and healing, not social control, must be the goal and outcome of mental health systems; therefore, all mental health systems must be voluntary and client-driven.


As a recognition of our dignity: discrimination, abuse, ostracism, stigma, stereotyping and other forms of social prejudice must be identified and vigorously opposed at every opportunity.


All persons, including persons identified as "mentally ill," are entitled to adequate and permanent homes of their choice.


US: We support the Americans with Disabilities Act and The Rehabilitation Act.  We must take every opportunity to be gainfully employed in occupations where we can contribute.


All persons with disabilities, including people with "psychiatric disabilities," are entitled to sufficient income, social supports, and comprehensive health care to enjoy an adequate quality of life.

Contact Person:
George Ebert
Mental Health Alternatives
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Established December 1996, Orlando,FL.  This statement last revised March 1997.