On the Surgeon General's Kiss of Approval to Electroconvulsive "Therapy."

A leaked draft copy of the now public U.S. Surgeon General Report On Mental Health revealed the administration planned to give a carte blanche endorsement to soul-executing shock “therapy," steamrollering it right over the objections of the thousands personally damaged by this nightmare "therapy" as they have so painfully expressed in the stacks of heart-breaking "anecdotal" testimony that lies ignored and gathering dust in the Food and Drug Administration filerooms. Their idea was to push through yet another whitewashing report without any public knowledge or input -- authority's stock approach in regard to vulnerable, politically weak, oppressed, and otherwise inconvenient minority groups.

To me, word of such treachery always brings with it an internal replay of the movie, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." As an unhappy teenager, I was duped into trying psychiatric “treatment.” As if choice in treatment is represented by being locked up and told lies. There was nothing wrong with my biology, certainly nothing that 22 "doses" of 200+ volts, enough current each time to fire a light bulb, was going to fix, especially not just applied to my brain as if it was an appliance. And now, I'm supposed to stand to see the Surgeon General of the United States ignorantly exhonerating as “safe and effective” what has to be the most heinous medical quackery in all of history and a racket the envy of any Mafia don.

Our nation's chief medical officer was deceived into further bolstering the false assertions of a small hard core group of sadists masquerading as physicians within the government agencies responsible for the nation's "mental health." Special interests that would have us all believe (the majority who will take the Surgeon General seriously) that crudely shocking and damaging brains is just a little "safe and effective" nudge toward the road of mental recovery. The entire medical establishment (an unaccountable triad of organized medicine, the drug and shock industries, and insurance companies) will march in denial before admitting to the harm they have done, and before they would put it right with those they have exploited for their own expediency and gain.

The Surgeon General echos the claims of the psychiatric shock industry. That business says that ECT is regulated. In truth, the FDA has still not investigated the ECT machine for safety and efficacy, a violation of the law. It remains a Class III unregulated hazardous device. The shock industry says that its devices are improved. Fact is, the newer devices can deliver even more powerful jolts than their predecessors, many of which end up in ‘retirement’ as third-world torture devices.

Psychiatry says that there is adequate informed consent, but all known risks and dangers of electroshock are downplayed, denied or omitted. Shock proponents say that memory problems are transient. Actually, even the NIH (1985) report cited studies that more than half of shock ‘patients’ report memory problems they ascribe to Shock as long as three years later.

Let the SG know that you won't stand for this sort of high-handed pro-industry bias. Tell him to do his homework, demand that he disavow medicine's embrace of brain-burning for profit, tell him he is the one with the preposterous dichotomy in his intellect if he believes as he says that "22 percent of Americans have a disagnosable mental disorder" for which the 'answer' is legal psychotropic, dangerous and addictive drugs.

The Surgeon General's office's phone is (202) 690-7694, fax (202) 690-6960.
Letters go to:

David Satcher, M.D., Ph.D.
U.S. Surgeon General
Assistant Secretary for Health
Hubert H. Humphrey Building, Rm 716G
200 Independence Ave. SW
Washington, DC 20201 USA.

More information about electroshock can be found on the Support Coalition website, www. MindFreedom.org.

You may also contact by e-mail if that is your preference, Susan Blumenthal, M.D., who is the Science Advisor to the Surgeon General. Her e mail is SBlumenthal@OSOPHS.DHHS.GOV.

Her mailing address is:

Susan Blumenthal, M.D.
U.S. Assistant SG and Science Advisor
Parklawn Building 18-16
Rockville, MD 20857

Ask the FDA what scientific evidence they are providing NIMH and the Surgeon General that would allow them to state with conviction "ECT is safe and effective."

The FDA department in 'charge' of the ECT device is the Division of General & Restorative Devices. Its director (acting) is James Dillard.

Phone: (301) 594-1184
Fax: (301) 594-2358

Food and Drug Administration
Division of General and Restorative Devices
9200 Corporate Boulevard, HFZ-410
Rockville, MD 20850


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