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     Why should there be a curb on the power of shrinks you might ask? Aren't they only interested in the "health" of our psyches as the name would indicate? Psyche=soul Iatros=physician, ergo a psychiatrist is a "doctor of the soul." But exactly how much does your average shrink know of spiritual matters? I'll tell you: Zip, zero, nothing at all. Removing the concept of soul from the equation we have "mind" -- its workings supposed to derive entirely from the chemical reactions taking place in the cell conglomerate which is our brains.
     Hence, all of the so-called mental illnesses, in fact any form of mental distress, are presumed now to be the result of brain diseases or "neurobiological brain disorders." Oddly, to this date no biological marker has been credibly, certainly linked to any common mental condition, (exemplified by a set of tagged behaviors-turned-symptoms, lumped into that increasingly broad category termed "mental disorder"). This doesn't stop your impeccably credentialed shrink from filling you full of biological treatment -- multifarious dangerous drugs and even wall-socket electricity -- with no real medical tests beforehand to assess the actual performance capabilities and neurological condition of your brain and basing all this only on a highly subjective and variable judgement of your behavior. Heck, bona fide and scientific medical assessments might reveal for all to see the damage done by biological psychiatry, when compared to the same tests given after months or years of "treatment."
     Only behavior that is lawbreaking, that violates the rights of others to security in their home, property or person, should be punished or warrant deprivation of liberty. So segregating and confining, or forcing into a chemical straightjacket outside of an institution as is the trend now and law in over 40 states, those who are law-abiding but labeled as being or carrying "mental diseases," never contagious, is not justifiable as a public health measure and is an egregious suspension of human rights protections as well as being out of place in a democracy. Forced drugging of those labeled with a mental disorder is not only tolerated, but becoming acceptable public policy as the price of "liberty," or required to receive other needed services, such as housing or vocational rehabilitation.
     To brand your biology as inferior, "sick" and in need of pharmaceuticals or electric shock to the brain, simply because you display mental distress or behavior short of lawbreaking that annoys someone makes as much sense as blaming a poorly operating computer when the fault is the program. Yet this is the whole point of medical psychiatry. It wants to work with its crude tools on the computer of our biological "machine," the brain, and completely ignore the programming. If you believe the latest government pronouncements then you believe 22% of us have defective brains (see Arianna Huffington's column about our drug-promoting Surgeon General). I'd say we've been leaving all the social programming to them and will regret it. How ludicrous will they get before the public pulls the wool from off its eyes?
     Churches were once willing to address the spiritual difficulties of their congregations, now they are too willing to abrogate that responsibility and defer to the psycho-medical model, the view of the mind of man as [an often broken] biological machine unable to ever assert [or reassert] full control and assume responsibility for his actions. How convenient for the profiteering promulgators of the myth of mental illness that this leaves millions doped, addicted, and dependent for life on an increasingly powerful pharmaceutical industry, of which biopsychiatry is essentially an arm, hoping for the next new magic bullet that turns out to be no more magic than the last. While our chosen rulers pay lip service to God, they ally themselves with those who retrodiagnose the Son of God as mad, who would have "treated" Jesus and "sent him back to his carpentry." I have met enough "Men of God" who shun those who have been labeled by psychiatrists. They are second only to psychiatrists in their hypocrisy and fraud.
     I hope the accounts and information in the pages to be developed here, and the links to truth I've assembled over the last several years in my Antipsychiatry Reading Room in the meantime, will serve as a warning to those who might want to believe there is something wrong with their biology because they feel stress, severe sadness, or breaks from "reality." Seeking out "professional help" is unlikely to help you at all, but instead to confirm you in a role characterised by "powerful and pervasive stigma" (quote is the US Surgeon General's). They'll leave you living shunned by friends, family and in poverty, turn you into an extreme example of polypharmacy, an unbalanced result of Medicine's misguided attempts to "balance" your chemicals, and leave you with permanent neurological damage from a meddling with your biological foundations carried out in carelessness and ignorance by MD's who are not real doctors at all, but agents of social control. All this they will blame on "the tragedy of mental illness" and maintain that the low standards of mental health 'care' have nothing to do with a flock of unsatisfactory outcomes and ruined lives.
     You can collude actively or by your inaction with those who circumvent the due process of law in empowering pseudomedical diagnosticians to override human and civil rights while not worrying on the future of freedom, a schizophrenic non sequitur if there ever was one, or you can help to restore the rule of law by aiding those who seek an end to all involuntary medical treatment.

VOLUNTARY Treatment Works May 2, 2000. Psychiatric Survivors Meet with Gore Staff in White House.

Psych labels last a lifetime and so do the discrimination and fear whipped up by media exaggeration of a few instances of violence by those "with a history of mental illness." Being the quackery that it is, it shouldn't surprise anyone that years of psychiatric drugs produce mentally and neurologically maimed results. However, such torture has not, as the propaganda claims, and to my mind surprisingly, significantly increased the violence rate among those so "treated." Probably the opposite is true. Psychiatry/psychological "diagnoses" and their effects persist long beyond the time the person is recovered and no longer "mentally ill," and are often preposterous, inaccurate and applied out of context. Many who have been sucked or suckered into the psychiatric system acquire permanent psychological and neurological disabilities because of their "treatment." It is known that a high percentage of those with "schizophrenia" can completely recover, given the right sort of support [true help would exclude the long-term "treatment" by neurotoxic drugs and brain damaging electric shock which is the mainstay response of today's mental health system to troubled or bothersome persons]. This is a recovery not possible with any other "severe disease." Of course the psychiatric/pharmaceutical cartel that the oligarchy we are stuck with as government is chummy with would have us believe those with psychiatrically defined disabilites can never fully recover, must be on drugs for life and are all potentially dangerous "psychos." Don't buy it. NAMI's, Tipper's, the Surgeon General's 'Public' Health Service's sort of 'credibility' is bought by phamaceutical company money and influence. George the Second owned shares in corporations that operate for-profit psych lockups for those that they round up. Between roundups, our future is determined by the elite rich chatting at their ranches. A democracy requires policy be set by consensus of all, not just those who have means and power. Please write yours, any and all "elected" officials and remind him or her we did not elect them to be merely lackeys and servants to the special interests.

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After the psychiatric inmates were forced out of the asylums there was for some no alternative but to reside within the burgeoning system of nursing "homes." Regardless whether they've ever been ascertained to be "crazy" or not, most people in nursing homes are kept under control by the chemical straightjackets the psychopharmaceutical industry provides. Practices have carried over from the former state warehouses, which used to hold the senile that now go to nursing homes. True scientific medical evidence indicates that long-term psychiatric drug administration shrinks the brains of its "patients."

There is an empowering movement to free people from nursing homes and other institutions who can then live in real homes with a variety of care options that are cheaper than the all-too-often only available "option" of long-term "care." Click on the above banner for the opportunity to join that movement for liberty, freedom, and choice.


Enough of this abuse disguised as health care!


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