Word from inside

Rodney Yoder has been detained against his will in the Chester Mental Health Centre for over a decade. He has little sympathy for the use of diagnosis in involuntary committal. In short, he wants to get out. This is his word from inside. Go to http://www.newtherapist.com/yoder12.html




To: Interested experts

From: C. Rodney Yoder

Date: July 24, 2000

Subject: Solicitation of volunteer experts for controversial IVC trial

I am seeking volunteer experts to examine me and render testimony in an upcoming involuntary commitment (IVC) trial to be held in September or later in Chester, Illinois (about one hour's drive south of St. Louis). Illinois mental health gulag officials have incarcerated me for nine years in their maximum security insane asylum and declared me to be grossly psychotic and more dangerous than any madman they have ever encountered. A description of my plight Professor Emeritus Thomas S. Szasz asked me to write follows this memo.

I will be able to pay the actual expenses of any volunteer experts, i.e. travel/airline tickets, hotel, rental car, taxi, phone, etc.. My case is becoming increasingly controversial and is being covered by the press and media as an example of bona fide psychiatric oppression. Individuals and groups worldwide are condemning my confinement as paradigmatic of psychiatry in the employ of the repressive apparatus of the government. CCHR and SCI are among those so finding after investigation.

My mailing address is as follows:

C. Rodney Yoder
Chester Mental Health Center
1315 Lehman Drive
Chester, IL 62233

I may also be e-mailed in care of The Antipsychiatry Coalition at: antipsychiatrycoalition@usa.net. These wonderful folks will forward any e-mails. Please include your address and phone.

Without the assistance of experts, I will likely endure incarceration at the CMHC until I die. This has been earnestly assured by all the staff here continuously for nine years. No expert has ever examined me because I didn't have the money to hire experts. Repeated requests by the State's oversight agencies to have outside experts examine me have been scuttled by two successive madhouse gulag administrations and by Illinois' most recent Governor, George H. Ryan. My captors allege I am psychotic and boast that nobody disputes this. Despite widespread expression of opposition to forced psychiatry by experts and writers, nobody has yet been willing to offer to repudiate my captors' claims. Perhaps now that I am in a position to defray the actual costs of an expert or experts I can persuade volunteers to examine me and render their opinions. A brief description of my plight solicited by forced psychiatry opponent Thomas S. Szasz follows:


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