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The Rodney Yoder Story


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The Rodney Yoder Legal Defense Fund. Help prove what should not need proving: that "mental illness," as a biological entity, does not exist.

Photo of Rodney Yoder.

Rodney Yoder has been improperly imprisoned in a "therapeutic" prison-like "mental health" lockup for ten years above and beyond the years of prison time he served for an assault charge in which no one was killed or even seriously injured. This is a prime example of the inexact "science" of psychiatry used in the service of state tyranny. Recently the Illinois court refused to let Rodney present several impartial psychiatric experts to testify to his sanity. Thousands of pleas on his behalf to the Governor and other officials have been met with cold disdain. He remains incarcertated only because the same one state-employed psych is allowed to give the only "expert testimony" at his yearly hearings. Here is a his story in his own words. Links to action you can take. Click here to see this page full-screen.

State employees do everything they can to frustrate his efforts to free himself, including denying him computer disks and supplies. A donated laptop was initially denied and only released after several months of effort by Rodney to enforce rights guaranteed in the Illinois law but denied in practice by employees of Chester Mental Health Center. On May 10, 2001 reporter Terry Hillig of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran an article about this.

Contact information for Rodney. Links to action you can take. If you are just writing e-mail and would like Rodney to write or call you, give phone or address in your e-mail. At present he doesn't have a well-functioning direct e-mail service. He must rely on the phone to retrieve e-mail, and he can't at present enter an e-mail address into that system.

Tape Recorder. Click to hear Patch Adams.Patch Adams supports Rodney and believes he is anything but dangerous, as the State of Illinois maintains. This is a recording of an April 18, 2001 radio interview with Patch, and Rodney. MP3 format, 279KB in size. You will need an MP3 player such as Windows Media, Real Player, or MusicMatch Jukebox to download and play this file. If you have plenty of time, listen to the two-hour interview of Patch on the May 7, 2001 Art Bell radio show. Because Rodney has now transcribed it, the relevant portion of the Patch Adams interview is available as text.

Rodney's story was reported in the September-October issue of South Africa's NEW THERAPIST. Here is the original Dendron Alert from Support Coalition International with links for instant activist response to the [supposed to be] responsible government officials. An important Sept. 1, 2000 article from the Bloomington Pantograph. More recent articles include a February 27 St. Louis Post-Dispatch article by Terry Hillig and an article in South Africa's Natal Witness by John Soderlund. Also, May 23rd's Rebellious mental patient wins agency ruling.

Fighting unjust psychiatry for over ten years while languishing in a forensic "mental health"-hole in Illinois, Rodney Yoder is the one with the finger in the dike. A flood of unreasoning tyranny threatens to bury human dignity and freedom and the best minds of seven generation along with it. No evolution of human thought is possible with the static status-quo, the chemical chains and electrical brain-storming blitz brought by those who would call wide swaths of the diversity of human thought and emotion "disease" and profit from "medicating," destroying, and repressing it. Read Psychiatric Jihad, by C. Rodney Yoder.

If this letter by Rodney of June 11, 2001 to Illinois' head of government George Ryan reached a responsible public figure, then surely something would be done about the awful abuse of human rights occurring in that State's "therapeutic" institutions.. In it Rodney describes how state employees at the Chester Mental Health Center are allowed to openly wear badges proclaiming legitimate human rights abuse investigations of the state's Office of the Inspector General to be "worker abuse." Note: As an example of how the "mental health" system is fully insinuated into all levels of government: say you were to write a letter in support of Rodney's release to IL Governor Ryan. That letter is scanned to see if it mentions Rodney Yoder. If it does then your letter is set aside and sent to the IL Mental Health Dept. It never sees the Governor's desk. What does that say about our taken-for-granted citizen's right to petition the government for redress of grievances?

Mug shot photo of Edwin Vega. It costs the State of Illinois $108,000 yearly to keep someone locked up in Rodney's position. With that money they buy some quality "therapy" for the inmates. One of Rodney's former "therapists," Edwin Vega [mug shot photo at left], is a registered sex offender.


Rodney's present "therapist" and main adversary responsible for his long ten-year lockup is Daniel Cuneo.He is even scarier looking than Edwin Vega. So much so that a television crew made a close-up of his eyes [close-up on mouseover the photo], noting their very maniacal appearance.

How Psychiatry Destroyed My Life, by C. Rodney Yoder

Rodney may be contacted by e-mail at, by post to C. Rodney Yoder, 1315 Lehman Drive, Chester IL, 62233. Links to action you can take. You can leave Rodney a voice mail message by calling 1-800-My-Yahoo, then entering 747-747-6644.


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